How to protect your skin in the cold weather


With a little over two months before the arrival of winter and cold weather, it is time to learn how to protect your skin from the harm and damage the cold weather can cause. Many people experience dry, cracked, red skin and we all know how that feel. It’s not pleasant at all and it’s one of the reason why some people dislike winter. That’s why it is so important to protect our skin from the damages the cold can cause. Now here are some tips on how to keep your skins from being damage.

1- Applying moisturizing cream before leaving.


The dry air in winter takes away the moisture of your skin. Exposing your skin in the cold air for an extended period can cause serious damage to your skin so it is important to wear earmuff, gloves and scarf to cover your skin. However it is also important to apply some moisturizing cream before you get dress and go outside. Giving your skin some extra moisture would help protect your skin in the cold, and it is better to protect your skin with moisturizing cream than applying it when your skin is already red, dry and itchy.

2- Take less hot and shorter shower


We all love a hot and long shower, but for the sake of your skin, let’s take a slightly colder and shorter shower during the cold, as hot water takes away the natural oil from the skin. In addition, slather on a thick, fragrance-free body cream right after shower would also help to protect your skin. Be sure to do that before your skin gets completely dry. The body cream would help to seal the extra moisture in before it escapes.

3- Use a humidifier


Has a built-in humidifier in your heating system? Use it. Don’t have it? Well you might want to consider buying one. A humidifier can add extra moisture into the air and prevent dry skin. For best result, set the unit for 30 to 50% humidity. Make sure you change the water in your humidifier daily and clean it weekly to destroy any bacteria that can grow in water.

4- Moisturizing before bed


The ideal amount of time to moisturize your skin is twice a day, once in the morning and once before going to sleep. When you’re sleeping, the body temperature elevates slightly, which allows the moisturizing cream to seep into skin better.

5- Wear gloves and socks at night


Not only do they keep your hands and feet warm, but they also block evaporation and helps the skin to absorb the cream more. After you put on the cream you can wear gloves and socks for a few hour, or when you sleep. Either way they will help.

If you tried everything and your skin stills gets dry and cracked, you can use aquaphor or vaseline. These are especially useful for  cracked lips. For windburned-skin, try 1%  hydrocortisone.

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