It was such an honor and historical moment to showcase my clothing and Jewelry line in Cape Verde. It was an amazing experience and a wonderful turnout.  I would like to thank TLC for believing in me and being a major sponsor for my trip and helping me execute both of my Fashion Show Productions smoothly. I could not have done it with out your hard work and your expertise.

TLC is one of the newest and fastest growing innovative telecommunication carriers in Cape Verde. TLC primary focus is building relationships and connecting all Cape Verdeans to their friends and family across the globe for an affordable rate. The driving force behind TLC’S success is simple; they surpass customer and consumer expectations by maintaining a passionate commitment to excellence and being transparent with people they follow. In addition they provide Diaspora, Business, Residential and Individual Services. TLC comes highly recommended because their brand is built on integrity, quality, innovation and state of the art technology.
During my trip to Cape Verde I met a lot of
talented people who work for TLC. They all embraced me and showed me so much great energy and love. Everyone worked very hard to make my fashion shows a huge success. This is the beginning of a beautiful partnership and I look forward to working with all of you soon.
A big thank you to LINK MODEL who organize the fashion show in Praia and their Gorgeous Models who did a fantastic show.
Alzerina Gomes

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