Spring Jewelry Trends 2021!

March is here! Everyone knows that means Spring time is fast approaching! Warm weather, flowers blooming and color returns to the world. As a new season begins, new trends are here! I am here to present to you the new Spring Jewelry trends for Spring 2021! So get ready to rock these looks!

Colorful beads and Rainbow necklaces-

Add pops of color, that makes it a beachy look.

Mismatched earrings-

Bold, different look to any ensemble.
-Glass earrings and pendants

Add a touch of whimsy and abstract to accessorize.

-Galactic Earrings set

Wear these starry accessories to make you far out in style!

-Fruit Salad Necklace-

Add this Spring touch, with this unique and cute necklace perfect for Spring!

Large pendants and Pear and Chain Necklaces-

Adding a statement necklace to any look is always a must!

Metal and Brass jewelry-

Add a bit of modern, by adding these pieces to help your outfit pop!

Chain and gold Necklaces-.
Gold necklaces and accessories are always a great way to complete a look!

Here are two articles to help you see these trends in action and give you some inspiration for your Spring looks!



-Christina Guptar

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