How To Layer Your Necklaces

Recently, the layered necklaces trend has been popping up everywhere- and for good reason! A perfectly executed layered necklace look can transform any outfit from basic to chic. But the dainty, effortless look can be rather difficult to put together sometimes. Follow these simple tips to make styling your jewelry so much easier! 
1. Work With What You Have!
Before you hit the stores, head to your jewelry box and spend some time sorting through necklaces that you already own. This will not only save you money, but will give your layers a unique look that no one else will be wearing. Whether it be an antique, an heirloom, or a necklace from your childhood, you never know what dainty pieces you might find that have been tucked away and unworn.
2. Colors and Chains
Mixing metals is a look that I’ve always loved. Although it’s not for everyone, using both gold and silver necklaces can give you endless combinations and versatile styles when it comes to layering. When choosing the necklaces to work with, another crucial detail to pay attention to is the chains. Alternating chain thicknesses and styles will add texture and depth, and help you achieve the perfect look. For a more understated appearance, try sticking to only layering chains without any pendants!
3. How Many?   
There’s no limit to the amount of necklaces you can layer together, but I would recommend starting off with three. The first should be a choker or a 16” necklace. Then you can increase the length in inches from there, working up to an 18” necklace and then 24”. This will ensure that none of your necklaces will clash, tangle, or overlap.
 4. Have Fun With It!
The best part about this trend is that it can be completely personalized to you and your style! Incorporate engraved pieces, zodiac signs, and initials. The possibilities are endless!

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