2018 Ring Fashion Trends

Lets talk about what’s “in” for rings for 2018!

Trends are a fickle subject in that they seem to sway pretty regularly but we at Alzerina have outlined some guidelines to help you stay “on trend” this year!


Traditionally rings are made with some kind of metal, typically gold or silver or something that gives that look, but it has become common for designs to falter from this basic structure. Rings made with non conventional materials have gained popularity, especially among younger generations. The appeals derives from the “different” looks that can be achieved with the introduction of different material. This contemporary  influence has taken off recently and has incorporated materials such as textiles, natural stones, beading and more.

Alzerina Jewlery’s take on this trend takes form in these rings exclusive to our Cabo Verde Believe Collection. Every piece in this collection features the Conta D’Oi Bead. Made from sterling silver wiring, various beads, and even Swarovski elements, these rings fit right in with this trend.




The idea of wearing multiple pieces at a time is nothing groundbreaking, but stacking your accessories has definitely increased in popularity as of recently. The more is more mentality definitely comes into play with this trend in that sometimes one piece just isn’t enough. Quick fix is just to add more. This style is done with all types of rings whether it be larger, chunky ones or petite, streamline ones. The key is to find the right balance for the look you are going for. The ideal stackable ring is one that can be worn in different ways, meaning it can work in several combinations with others in your collection.

Alzerina Jewelry’s take for this trend are these cute and simple designs. With a color to match any color scheme, these rings can be the focal point among all your fingers or pair cohesively with another, more daring ring. They are the perfect balance between simple and bold, making them easy to pair.




Its 2018, there is no room for subtlety anymore. If you are going to add a ring to your outfit, make it count. This trend is all about making a statement with a stand out piece. Whether it’s large in size, vibrant in color, ornate in detailing or all of the above, it is sure to be noticed.

Alzerina Jewelry’s take are our gorgeous Beaded Gemstone Rings. These rings feature a dazzling gemstone at their center, surrounded by beaded detailing. With their unique beaded band, they are flashy and comfortable!





This trend is nothing new in that crisp geometric shaped decorations have always been common. However, a more stream-line approach to this classic design has gained popularity. Having a contrast of a sleek, simple, and soft build and band paired with a structured geometric element as the focal point has proven to be a trendy combination. With this specific trend, simpler designs are preferred.

Alzerina Jewelry’s take are these stunning turquoise wire rings. Made with sterling silver wiring and adorned with sleek turquoise beads, these rings add a splash of color to any outfit. Their stream line design emphasizes the simplicity of the design without taking away from the natural beauty of the stone.




#5      VINTAGE

This trend perfectly personifies the term “oldie but goodie” in that it is a modern take on vintage glamour. Luxury accessories are on the up and coming and rings are no exception. Chunky pieces with that “old Hollywood” feel are making a return. Key factor, the more sparkle the better!

Alzerina Jewelry’s take on this are our Soiree Rings. Encrusted with three rows of Swarovski crystal that delicately lay on gold or rhodium plated metal band, pieces can bring out the vintage glamour that embodies this trend.



All pieces shown can be purchase either through our website our through special order.



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