Crazy, Weird Foods You Can Eat in NYC

Going out for a meal is always fun, but why always  get your staple chicken dish?  Check out these weird food options that are a must-try if you’re an adventurous New Yorker!  These creative chefs have put ingredients to the test by mashing up non-typical flavors.


1. Very Much Chocolate Pasta at Max Brenner

Check out this fun pasta spin-off dish at Union Square’s Max Brenner.  “Chocolate crepes are cut into ribbons, then covered in warm chocolate frosting that is a combination of milk and dark chocolates,” explains Guy-Hamilton.

download (2)



2. Cheetos Macaron at Macaron Parlour, 560 Columbus Ave

American junk food meets traditional French dessert?  Disgusting or genius?  Try it out and let us know.

images (2)



3. Capri-Thursday at Thursday Kitchen, 424 E 9th St

For an R-rated version of our childfood favorite drink Capri Sun, try this fun pouched-alcoholic cocktail out!  Infused with LED ice cubes, this fun drink comes in a variety of flavors.



4. Rice Pudding in a Brioche Bun from The Rice Cream Shoppe, 195 Bleecker St

A spin-off of the traditional much-loved dessert, this dessert-meets-sandwich combo will have carb and dessert lovers praising the heavens!

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5. Cotton Candy on Bubble Tea at ViVi Bubble Tea, 205 Allen St

The bubble tea float from ViVi Bubble Tea is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth.  This sugary delicious drink is definitely worth the sugar crash you’re going to get later.


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