Pieces of Jewelry that Require Zero Effort to Wear

Sometimes ginormous beaded necklaces can be intimidating.  We someones look at them afar and appreciate them, but are unsure how we would possibly style in an attempt to pull a look together for ourselves.  For those moments in life when you want to toss on your favorite essential pieces and be right out out the door (all the while knowing you look amazing), check out some minimalistic pieces from our Alzi by Alzerina Collection.


1. Milano Necklace

The Milano Necklace is a gorgeous statement in anyone’s jewelry collection.  Gold accents the silver gems to complete any sophisticated look.




2. Lydes Earrings

The gold plated Lydes Earrings add a pop to anyone’s ear!  The purple is neutral enough to compliment any outfit.




3. Marie 3 Bracelet

The Marie 3 bracelet set are able to be worn individually or stacked together.  The ‘mixed metals’ look is still daring, while the Swarovski-encrusted bracelets remain modern and stylish.




4. Peridot Earrings

These gold and olive earrings will bring out the warm, Mediterranean style of anyone.




5. Night Out Bracelet

Compliment your outfit on a night out with this bracelet.  The Night Out bracelet is made with vintage glass beads, gold plated beads, and Swarovski.

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