How to Prevent Tarnishing on Your Jewelry

Preventing your jewelry from tarnishing is much easier than removing the tarnish once it’s already there! Check out these easy and effective ways to prevent your beloved jewelry pieces from tarnishing.


1. Store your jewelry in plastic baggies

Although this might not look as beautiful on your vanity, this will help you immensely down the line.  Putting any pieces of jewelry in a plastic bag prevents the usual wear-and-tear as well as any chemicals in the air.  For example, if you spray perfume in the same area your jewelry is stored or if you Febreze the room, that will help tarnish your expensive jewelry very quickly!



2. Chalk

By placing a piece of chalk at the bottom of your jewelry box, it will help soak up unnecessary substances in the air that cause tarnish.  Make sure you change the chalk once every few months and your jewelry will thank you long-term!



3. Anti-tarnish strips

If you want to use the more traditional jewelry tarnish prevention route, try out Anti-tarnish strips!  Our favorite are by the company 3M.  They must be replaced periodically (once every 3-4 months) and definitely help slow down the tarnishing process.


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