How to Clean Jewelry At Home

Life is expensive enough as it is – we don’t need to be spending any more unnecessary cash that we have to.  No more need to spend huge amounts of money at overpriced jewelry stores in order to get your jewelry cleaned.  Check out these products that work miracles.  And the best part?  You probably already have them in your home.






Club Soda

To clean any diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, or rubies, soak them in club soda overnight.  Use a clean toothbrush to scrub the pieces after they are done soaking!

club soda



Clean any Gold and Silver pieces in ammonia by mixing in 1/2 cup clear ammonia in 1 cup of warm water.  After 10 minutes, wipe dry with a paper towel.




For solid gold (excluding gemstones), pour a bit of beer onto a cloth or paper towel and rub it over the piece.  This will help your gold jewelry look brand spankin’ new.  Just remember NOT to use dark ale!




Grab some Heinz 57 to freshen up any tarnished silver pieces.  After 5-10 minutes, rinse your jewelry clean, dry, and they’re ready to wear!




Since even some home products can have harsh chemicals, there are also more natural approaches to clean your jewelry! Check out our favorite natural jewelry cleaning solution:


A clean, dry toothbrush
Witch hazel or white vinegar
Tea tree oil
Baking soda

This recipe is perfect to clean any high-quality jewelry or stones, so it is not recommended to use on any opals or softer stones.  Choose between witch hazel or white vinegar, but keep in mind the vinegar is much more acidic than the witch hazel.  Mix mixture together and let pieces sit overnight.  The next morningcoat piece with baking soda scrub with a dry, clean toothbrush.




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