Hair Ideas for 2017

Sick of your boring hair and want some new and fun ideas to change it up? 2017 is a new year to make yourself a new you, start by dyeing your hair into a color you never thought you would look good in and style it up!





A hair coloring technique that has been growing ever since 2016! Instead of highlights, balayage is where color is blended in a way to have a natural looking effect.


Cork Screw Curls



Be playful and fun and try out these curls for a day! You can never go wrong with some curls so why not go all the way and try out cork screw ones?


Denim Hair



We have now experienced a new trend with colored hair: blue! Why not try it out and see how it looks on you?


Gray Hair



Who says gray hair is only for grannies? This new and gorgeous trend will have you looking glamorous every day whether you keep it straight or make some luscious curls!


Rainbow Hair



Wow! If you think one color just isn’t enough, try out multiple colors and be fun and flirty with rainbow hair! These bright and beautiful colors will attract anyone and will get your compliments left and right.



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