2017 Trending Jewelry

New Year? That calls for new and trending jewelry for 2017! What is new and what will continue trending this year?

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Chokers have been standing out since the spring and summer of last year and is still a popular trend today. Ladies may pair up casual and thin black ones with their outfit to complete their look or extra big jeweled ones to make a fashion statement. All in all, chokers will always be in trend because who wouldn’t want to a gorgeous piece of jewelry wrapped around their necks?!
Statement Necklaces 
These necklaces are always worn to add pizzazz to a casual and plain outfit. Whether it is short or long, these necklaces make a bold statement wherever you may go and get compliments left and right. Make a statement today and grab one of these gorgeous pieces at alzerina.com! 
Layered Necklaces 
These gorgeous pieces will always make a casual outfit pop with the beautiful detail on every layer. Wear these with low cut tops to show off the design on your neck and chest and also pair it with some matching earrings!
Across-ear earrings 
boucles_d_oreilles_en_travers_de_l_oreille_7450.jpeg_north_1160x_white  ear-cuff-earrings-get-the-look17-Ear-PiercingsBanner-Image
Add statement and character to your look with these unique earrings. Pair it up with a classy hairstyle that shows off the design and structure while adding class. There are so many different styles ranging from crystallized pieces to layered ones pictured on top. Earrings will always be trendy so be bold and try out one of these today!


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