Poderosa Conference – An International Conference on Cabo Verdean Women!

We are Proud to be both woman and  Cabo Verdean!






The goal of Poderosa Conference is to create an opportunity for exchanging information, resources and to educate each other. Thus PODEROSA wants to  create and offer a critical platform to one day influence civic engagement, also political debates and policy. In addition, PODEROSA wants to institutionalize a safe space for Criolas (beautiful, strong, smart women), in which women encourage one another. Thus making a critical intervention in Cabo Verdean/Cape Verdean Studies with cutting edge, critical gender discussions and scholarships for Cabo Verdean women. The conference will recognize trailblazing Poderosas each year.

Fonders of Poderosa Conference



Terza Silva Lima-Neves (Left)

Is a wife, mother, educator and advocate for access to quality education for all. She was born and raised in Sao Vicente Island, Cabo Verde. She received her M.A. and Ph.D. in political science from Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Lima-Neves is assistant professor of political science at Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte, North Carolina. She teaches courses on African, comparative and international politics. Her research interests and published scholarship focus on Cabo Verdean studies, modern African diaspora politics as well as African women and development. She’s particularly interested in Cabo Verdean women empowerment as well as the politics of gender and community building in the Cabo Verdean community in the United States. Terza is also the founding president of the Cape Verdeans of the Carolinas Association, an organization that brings together the Cabo Verdean community in North and South Carolina, their friends and allies via cultural and educational events, highlighting the rich history of their homeland.

Aminah Pilgrim (Right)

is a woman of Cabo Verdean and Caribbean descent, a proud mother of one boy, who hails from Southeastern Massachusetts. She is an Assistant Professor of Africana Studies at UMass Boston, and an affiliated faculty member of the Pedro Pires Institute for Cape Verdean Studies at Bridgewater State University. She is an advocate of teaching using civic engagement and has empowered many students to make a difference in this field. She is the founder of the HIPHOP Initiative, an organization that uses Hip Hop to increase critical media literacy among youth in the greater Boston area, offering consciousness-raising events to college students and the public. She is the co-founder of SABURA (Student Ambassadors Bonded Under Recreation & Achievement), a youth program in Brockton, MA—a project in collaboration with the Pedro Pires Institute at Bridgewater State University, that serves over 80 youth and families. In addition, she serves as a volunteer for the Cabo Verdean Historical Society, CVC UNIDO and various other community programs. Her forthcoming book entitled Not Black Enough will be published in 2016.




“Cabo Verdean women are resilient, hard working, supportive, kind, helpful, educators, great mothers, preservers of culture and history, community activism, passionate about family, artists, beautiful and so much more!” said by Terza.

Cabo Verdean women have been at the forefront of building their communities as mothers, wives, professionals and community leaders. As the Cabo Verdean community in the United States continues to grow, it is important to have a formal platform where we discuss issues that are specific to the Cabo Verdean woman.  Although conferences are held in the Cabo Verdean community in the U.S., the level of discourse on topics specific to women and gender issues remains limited. Therefore, this conference will address the need for focused discourse on issues of importance to women. The “Poderosa” conference will offer a safe space for Cabo Verdean women’s voices to be heard. Panels at this conference will celebrate their accomplishments and address the unique set of challenges they face in the areas of immigration status, self-image, health (physical and mental), education, domestic violence, community building, activism and beyond.



We wish we can inspire younger and other Cabo Verdean women and girls to pursue their goals and dreams whether it be in business or education without hesitation. What the conference was able to do was to allow all Cabo Verdean women to see how diverse we are in terms of the professional fields we are part. On of our hashtags was #RebrandingCrolas, meaning rebranding Cabo Verdean women beyond her her physical attributes and into her mind and skills.









Criola Contra Cancer


The goal of Criolas Contra Cancer is to become a non profit organization in the very near future focused on helping those in need. There is always someone is battling cancer,  who has won the battle against cancer or who has succumbed to this terrible disease.  This mission of it is to be available to those individuals whether is to help them financially to the best of our abilities or to just provide emotional support at a time of need.





Their mission is to provide food, clothing, school supplies, and toys to the disadvantaged youth of the Cape Verde Islands. We have provided these goods, donated and purchased through fundraising, to many schools and youth programs since our incorporation, and helped hundreds of children. Our purpose is to continue this giving as well as develop a scholarship program to educate the children and give them a more promising future. Many children in the Cape Verde Islands are struggling with these basic necessities on a daily basis.

They want to give these innocent children the quality of life they deserve.

Please help them fulfill their goal.


Mili Mila Cape Verdean Dictionary


The first of its kind and comprised of more than 40,000 words, this Capeverdean Creole – English Dictionary serves as a pillar and starting point for the study and advancement of the Kriolu language. An original work by Manuel Da Luz Goncalves, this body of work was designed for anyone interested in learning about the language of Cape Verde.

In it you’ll find a foreword written by Jorge Carlos De Almeida Fonseca, the President of Cape Verde, alongside striking photography of authentic Capeverdean artifacts and landscapes. We hope this dictionary serves to honor the rich history of the islands of Cape Verde and bridge the gap between our roots and our homes.


Alzerina Jewelry



And more

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It was my honor and pleasure to be invited to join their amazing conference on March 5th. It was very nice to make new friends and get involved in this special society.  The conference was highly organized and over all an event of superb quality. I got so much positive energy from the people who visited the Poderosa conference. Over it was a wonderful experience. I would like to extend an invitation to anyone who is interested in a group that can help them to grow their business to join Pederosa.

 For more information please go to their website: http://www.poderosa.online/


We are Poderosa!!!

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