Innovative Valentine’s Celebration Ideas!

Valentine’s Day is just at the corner. Tired of the cliche dinner at the fancy restaurant, drinking some red one, and kissing your lover goodbye by midnight. (Or … something else) Fear not, we know you. We always want to give our lover something unique instead of the commodities and commercialized products by the evil businessmen.
1. Paint Night
First in first, go to a Paint night.
Share a glass of wine with your lover while you paint.
And best of all, at the end, you get to take home some amazing paints!

Copyright to PaintNite

Copyright to PaintNite

2. Jewelry Making Classes
Well well well, we know that you want to give your lover a piece of jewelry as a token of your love.
After all, diamond is forever. (And we know that girl likes it!)
Enroll in a jewelry making class to make your own piece of jewelry and make your own memories!
Alzerina Jewelry has been surprising the New York City with the elegant jewelry by the Talented Designer Alzerina, and this year, Alzerina is surprising the New Yorkers again by offering Jewelry Making Class.
Enroll here and give your lover some surprises!
3. A Stayhome date
Instead of going out, and fill yourself with the cheesy Valentine-y promotion events, stay at home and make your lover some brunch. Talk about the future of your relationship and the great expectation you have for each other
And it’s also time for some TV!
BBC War and Peace can definitely make you thrill and grasp the concept of what true love is!

Copyright to War and Peace, BBC
Copyright to War and Peace, BBC

Do you feel more inspired for the Valentine’s Day in 2 weeks?
Keep in touch with us and we will keep you motivated for a innovative Valentine’s Day!




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