Women’s Equality Day 2015



On August 26th, we celebrate Women’s Equality Day.  Through the many advances within the past decades and most recent years, women continue to take steps closer to the ultimate goal.  This year commemorates the 95th anniversary of the national holiday with its designation in 1971.

Women were given their right to vote in America in the late 19th century. Even though there were many improvements made since this first step, women are still striving to reach equality in the many aspects of life. Many issues still exist today with unequal pay being one of the most prominent.


Even though there are many issues of inequality to be addressed, there are still many advances to be acknowledged. Within the past few years, women’s participation in the military and Air Force have been greatly recognized, as equality continues to make strides in the movement. In August of 2013, Lieutenant General Michelle Johnson was the first woman in history to lead the U.S. Air Force Academy, as Colonel Jeannie M. Leavitt also benefited the movement by being the first female fighter pilot in 1993, as well as the first female Air Force wing.  As women continue to make history, as well as a name for themselves, the day where gender equality exists becomes reachable.

Col. Jeannie Leavitt140903-F-PB123-221[1]

Lieutenant General Michelle Johnson                                                                                                                        Colonel Jeannie M. Leavitt

A few days ago, President Barack Obama took on the discussion of women’s equality by stating:

“As we reflect on decades of progress toward gender equality, we must also resolve to make progress in our time.

“Today, we honor the pioneers of women’s equality by doing our part to realize the great American dream–the dream of a nation where all things are possible for all people.”


Not only is gender equality a paramount issue in the United States, but all over the world. Whether women and girls are unable to receive secondary education or being sexually harassed, females are still struggling for the freedom and rights that are truly deserved. Youngest to ever win a Noble prize at the age of 18, Malala Yousafzai, has been through devastating and courageous moments of her life.  Being known as a Pakistani advocate for gender equality, Malala has been doing her best for all females of all ages to receive education. For a bit of background story, Malala was shot by a member of the Taliban as she was making her way to school on the bus. Sharing her story world- wide, Malala has become one of the many faces of the century’s most inspirational women.  Quoting the heartening young woman, she shares:

“One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world”


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Even though women’s equality is recognized one day out the year, it should be celebrated and strived for each and every day.  As two centuries and many decades have passed, females still continue to become successful in every aspect of life. From actress and UNICEF Ambassador, Audrey Hepburn, to English political leader, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and media proprietor, Oprah Winfrey, the inspiration is endless. Whether it is the entertainment industry or politics, women persist to benefit the many goals the gender has strived for throughout all these years.

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