Vaiss Fashion Day ~ Praia, Cabo Verde ~ Summer 2015

Being apart of Vaiss Fashion Day in Praia, Cabo Verde was a rewarding opportunity for Alzerina to express her love and passion for the fashion industry of Cabo Verde. We would like to take this time to thank Vanny Reis for the inviting Alzerina Jewelry to be apart of her big dream, Vaiss Models, and to all others who made the event a success. Alzerina had an amazing time and cannot wait for her return. Alzerina would like to see a bright future for Vaiss Models and Management in the years to come.





The theme of this specific runway show was to promote the positive expression and beauty of women. Alzerina’s core inspiration for her passion for fashion is for women all of the world to express their wonderful blessings of beauty, confidence, and elegance.





Alzerina felt this was a great opportunity to showcase her specific vision at Vaiss by expressing it through the chic, colorful dresses and daring, brilliant pieces of Alzerina Jewelry.  She did her best to portray her creativity and vivid perception of promoting the beauty, especially of Cabo-Verdean women.











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