Beauty Tips for Rainy Days

Don’t let the weather effect your glam time.  Rainy days may seem like the perfect day to stay in your pjs and curl up on the couch for a good movie, but we’ve found some beauty tricks that will brighten up your day without overdoing it.  If you are going to spend the day at a friends house make sure you prepare your makeup bag in your purse.  Put in a few extra products you might need to touch up with.  Makeup wipes, beauty blender sponges, and Q-tips are great products to keep on hand for inclement weather.

Hair is trickiest to style when the weather is bad so opt to wear your hair in a chic styled bun or a slicked-back ponytail.  If you want to wear your hair down and avoid frizz in wet and humid weather, style it as normal, then wrap it in a bun and take it down once you are inside. This creates a soft wave with no noticeable bumps or pontytail holder marks.

The best beauty products for the face would be cream shadows and blushes instead of powder.  Cream has longer staying power and can be blended more easily.  When powder gets wet, it can tend to streak.  Tinted moisturizers are great foundation alternatives that require less time applying and fixing.

For days when the weather is gloomy, opt for an easier, more natural look opposed to lots of drama. Instead a smoky eye that’s hard to clean up if it gets wet, choose something light and simple.  Use waterproof mascara and eyeliner.  These products won’t melt in the rain!  Do not rub your eyes if they get wet, rubbing will lead to smudging, and with waterproof products you will need to use eye makeup remover to fully remove.


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