New Year, New Ideas!

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope that everyone had a relaxing and stress-free holiday with friends and family. With the New Year, I want to change things up a bit on my blog. I am going to start featuring different places around NYC and together you and I can experience the fun and unique city that I call home. Starting from restaurants and cafes then to bars and the best happy hour, I will be looking for all the best places to visit.On top of all the great places to try, I will also be featuring an Alzerina Look of the Week which can be a combination of outfits and finishing each look with a jewelry piece of mine. Looks will vary from a night out with the girls to some of even the most sophisticated events.

Monday will be our featured Restaurant/Cafes

Wednesday will be Alzerina Look of the Week

Friday will be featuring the best of Happy Hour, cocktails and bars around NYC so you can get a jump start on the weekend and end your work week with the best drinks.

So with today being Monday and all. Lets get started on our first featured restaurants!
Graffiti (224 East 10th Street) 
The inside of Graffiti and its cozy and warm decor.

Opened in 2007, restaurant Chef Jehangir Mehta created an eating experience that makes the customers feel like they are in his very own living space. It is not a very big place but with only seating for 18 people, it is safe to say that good things come in small packages. Mehta describes his food style as “3rd world food put into a 1st world palette.”

Watermelon feta salad (photo courtesy: Graffiti)
Located in the Lower East Side the prices are very reasonable with three different price ranges: $7, $12, and $15. Not to mention all their bottles of wine are only $25 a bottle and $8 a glass, talk about exquisite dining on a budget!  
Some of the items on the menu include: 
  • Green Mango Paneer 
  • Watermelon Feta Salad
  • Pickled Ginger Scallops 
  • Braised Pork Bun 
  • Cumin Eggplant Wrap 
  • Hazelnut Chocolate cake
  • Truffle Almond Strawberries
With many more delicious opinions to pick from this is definitely a place to check out if you are in the area. Ranked #17 out of 295 by Zagat Surveys for East Village restaurants, the reviews say enough to give it a try. 

Spot Dessert Bar
(13th St. Marks Place)
Spot Dessert Bar all-natural storefront (photo courtesy: A Baked Creation)

Spot Dessert Bar takes all-natural ingredients and adds an Asian twist to them. If you are looking for something different and exotic to fill your sweet tooth craving this is the place to go. Items including cupcakes, cakes, sorbets, and beverages there is something to satisfy it all.

 Vanilla Caramel Vietnamese Coffee cupcake (photo courtesy: A Baked Creation)
They have many seasonal items too that you can get now while they last such as Chocolate Green Tea Lava and Yuzu Eskimo (which has blackberries, raspberry foam, chocolate pearls, Oreo soil, and chocolate ganache). Sorbets are also made fresh and flavors include: raspberry, mango, and toasted coconut. Beverages vary from espresso, cappuccinos, teas, and even Bubble Tea.
Desserts here are one of a kind and something to indulge in when given the chance. Make your way to Graffiti for dinner and then head down a little bit to get dessert at Spot Dessert Bar. 
Let me know what you think of these restaurants if you try them out. Also comment on any places that you think we should feature in upcoming posts. Looking forward to hearing from all of you! 
Best Wishes, 

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