Look of the Week: Drop Earrings


Hello Everyone!

I know you have all been looking forward to my first Wednesday Look of the week. This week’s look is drop earrings! And to help you prepare for our first Happy Hour and Drink of the week on Friday, I thought I would put some simple looks together that you yourself can make and use.

Here is a simple plain top to go with your favorite pair of jeans. Grabbing a martini or two with some of your favorite girlfriends after work this look is sure to be the hit of happy hour.

Complimenting this look is a pair of my beautiful drop earrings with a single Swarovski crystal and silver chain accents.

Alzerina Swarovski crystal earrings with silver chain accents

If the weather by you is as cold as it is here in New York City lately, try this gorgeous cardigan that has a crocheted backing to add some elegance and warmth. (Below) Although very simple, a pair of my single drop earrings is just the perfect touch to turn simple into fun!

Alzerina single-drop earrings with silver chain and
Swarovski crystal ($89
Comment and let me know what you think of this week’s Look of the Week. Can’t wait until Friday for our first Happy Hour/Cocktail of the Week. Just two more days!

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