Featured Look of the Week: Alzi Collection earrings

Hello Everyone! 

Happy Wednesday and hope you are all getting through the work week so far. I think it is about time I start to feature a little bit more of jewelry and get to show you some of the things that I make. I am going to try and put a little bit more piece on here as often as I can, especially if I am working on anything new or anything is being featured somewhere else. You will all be the first to know! 

Kyoto earrings – $118 (alzerina.com)

There are two pieces that I would love to show you from my Alzi by Alzerina Collection. The first piece I want to feature for you is my Kyoto earrings which are so elegant and fabulous. Kyoto is the city on the island of Honshu, Japan. With its population close to over 1.5 million it was formerly the imperial capital of Japan. 

Escape to Kyoto with this piece from the Alzi collection made with Siam Swarovski crystals with silver detailing. Add these gorgeous earrings to any outfit to take a little exotic piece of the Japanese culture with you.

Amazon bracelet – $140 (alzerina.com)

The next piece I would like to tell you about is my Amazon bracelet. This bracelet is also from the Alzi Collection and something different that many people do not see very often. The word amazon can be used for a strong-willed woman and that is how I want women to feel when they wear my jewelry, strong-willed.

My pieces are meant for women to feel exotic, beautiful, and pretty at any age no matter what. But you don’t have to travel far to have this piece of amazonian beauty. Made with Swarovski crystals, vintage glass beads and a 24 kt gold plated chain. 

Hope you are all excited to hear about the new kinds of cocktails we will be having for Friday’s featured cocktails of the week! If you have any suggestions just email me at info@alzerina.com. Hope to hear from you all soon! Best Wishes. 


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