Luxury Style PR Connection: Amelia Meloni

I want to share some very helpful and useful information with some of you who are looking to start up a business or who are currently building up your own company. Amelia Meloni is an EXCELLENT public relations and marketing professional and she knows how to do her job very well. Meloni will get your company name out there and get you in the right networks as fast as possible. She finds the best fit to your company and gives you the ease of luxury style to promote your company in your own fashion. 

Amelia Meloni: ” My mission will come about by networking with the consumers and business owners. Beauty Network mission is to assist entrepreneurs in finding clients and increase their sales. Specializing in luxury lifestyle, entertainment and fashion public relations. I get my clients into the spotlight through editorial placement, high-profile events and creative marketing!! Love what i do!! * Social Media Marketing * Event Planning * Network Events * Consulting Brands * Launch * Business Deals*Social Networking, Public Relations, Advertising, Sales Support/Distribution. Health & Beauty Products to Salons & Spas!!”
Amelia has suggested me to some of the best events and she continues to give me constant updates about new events and venues for me to promote whenever I can. She is professional, kind, and caring to her clients. If you need any more information about Amelia or any of her work, email or contact her directly at 1-(631)-903-0846. 

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