Cocktails of the Week: Martinis & Alzi

Happy Friday Everyone! 

As another work week comes to an end, it is time again for yet some more cocktails of the week. This week we have an Alzi Collection and martini theme. I picked two necklaces from my Alzi by Alzerina Collection and found some delicious martini recipes that are perfect for you to try at home.
Santorini Necklace (Alzi Collection)
This beautiful necklace is inspired from the island in the Aegean Sea that is just south of the mainland of Greece. This island is the home of one of the largest volcanic eruptions in recorded history, the Minoan eruption. The iconic coast of this island is just as blue and beautiful as the necklace itself. 
It is made of sapphire and white opal Swarovski crystals and 24 kt plated gold chain. It can be made with many other colors if need be. Visit here to get your hands on your very own Santorini necklace. 
The Santorini martini is very similar in a way that it is very fruity and fun to drink. This recipe is very different because you can modify a lot of the liquor and things that are in it to the kinds you like or to fit the kinds of drinks you like. Here is the list of ingredients:

  • 1 oz – vodka (your choice) 
  • 1 oz – peach nectar
  • 1/2 oz – peach brandy 
  • 1/2 oz – champagne (your choice) 
Mix all the above ingredients in a shaker without the champagne and then pour into a chilled martini glass. Top it off with your favorite kind of champagne and enjoy! 
Parisian Necklace (Alzi Collection)


Join the elegance of Paris with this ultra stylist inspiration. Parisian can be referred to as a person born and raised in Paris or a native/inhabitant of Paris. As many of you might already know I began to model in Paris and worked there for some time before moving to New York City. My time in Paris inspired me to make some of my most precious pieces that I hope to share with all of you. It is made with Jet and CVL Swarovski crystals and 24 kt gold detailing. If you are looking for your own Parisian necklace check it out here
The Parisian martini is very much the same as the simplicity of the city of Paris, with only three different ingredients. Here is the make up of this fascinating cocktail:
  • .25 oz – Creme de Cassis 
  • 1 oz – Gin 
  • 1 oz – Dry Vermouth 
Pour all ingredients into a shaker filled with ice and then pour into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with some mint leaves and enjoy. For those of you who do not know what Creme de Cassis is, it is a blood-red, sweet, black current flavor liqueur. 
Try some of these recipes out and let me know how they are by commenting below. If you have any ideas for future cocktails or any jewelry that you would think we should feature next email me at I look forward to hearing from you. Enjoy your weekend! Best Wishes. 

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