Gala for Gala: Lisa Moreno-Dickinson

Alzerina made a debut appearance at the stopCAIDnow Gala on February 25. Lisa Moreno-Dickinson was the host and also the CEO of stopCAIDnow. 

Lisa Moreno Dickinson and Mike Quick from the Philadelphia Eagles
(photo courtesy of Alan Barry Photography)

It was very fitting for Lisa to be wearing my Gala necklace and bracelet from my City Collection with it being a Gala event fundraiser.

Something I was very surprised and excited about was that Lisa gave the sponsors of her event a plaque that was just simply adorable. I have mine displaying on my desk for everyone to see when they come into the office. 

My sponsor plaque from the stopCAIDnow Gala Event

There was even a big poster that had a list of all the sponsors on it and it was fabulous! It was such an amazing time and this woman has such a great soul and heart. There is nothing more then want to send all my best wishes and hopes to Lisa and especially for the cause. Check out some of my previous posts to hear about what stopCAIDnow does and stands for. 

A little blurry taken from my Blackberry but a picture of me and the sign
showing Alzerina as a sponsor of an amazing event

Alzerina will be having a couple exciting things coming up. Make sure to stay tuned on for more information and the latest on what is happening.

Best Wishes, 


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