Start off summer with a piece from the Alzi Collection!

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Hope you all are having a great Friday and are ready for more jewelry. This time I thought it would be great to give you something to brighten up your spring outfits with some pieces from my colorful and exotic Alzi Collection!
Luoyang bracelet from Alzi Collection
Luoyang is a piece from the bracelets in the Alzi collection. It is inspired by the ancient chinese city in which it is named after, located in the West of Henan Providence. Luoyang was also known as being the start of the “silk road.” The silk road is the network of interlinking of the trade routes between east, south, and western Asia with the mediterranean and European world, as well as parts of Africa. It got its name from the Chinese silk trade that was going on along the lines. 
The Luoyang bracelet can best be described as a gem that the silk road left behind for the most beautiful wrists. It is made with light rose crystals and vintage glass beads. Priced at $89 it can be found here for you to get your hands on your very own gem bracelet.
Just like the earrings that will dangle through the winds, a savannah is a grassland ecosystem that can be described by the trees being smaller and not completely closing the canopy. The open canopy allows light to reach the ground to support an unbroken layer of primary grasses. 
Savannah earrings from Alzi Collection
The Savannah earrings let you feel the winds through the grassy plains. Made with emerald and topaz Swarovski crystals and priced at $112 you can purchase your very own pair here
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