Photo Shoot!

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend!

I have some very exciting news! As I said before I am so excited to be featured on a billboard on 42nd street in Times Square. Last week I did the photo shoot for it and it was fantastic! I want to give a huge thankyou to all those involved. Everyone did an amazing job to make the experence special.

I would especially like to thank my PR company and Maureen Lynch who worked so hard for me on just a 24 hour notice! She did an amazing job styling me for the shoot and making sure that every look came together perfectly! Thankyou so much Maureen for helping to make my dreams a reality. Maureen’s website is Please visit it to learn about her work and the fantastic services that she offers!

I also like to thank my makeup artist, the incredible Rodney Jon. He is a true artist and an amazing person. He was able to completely transform me using only makeup and his extraodinary skills. It was a real pleasure to work with him and I look forward to working with him again soon! Thank you so much Rodney for working your magic and making me feel beautiful! Please check out his facebook page so that you can see more of his beautiful work! Rodney Jon

Another big thanks to my hairstylist Lauren Berrones. She is so incredibly talented and such a pleasure to work with. Each hairstyle that she created was incredibly beautiful and truly a work of art. Thank you for all of your hard work to help make this photo shoot such a success! Here is a link to her facebook page. Be sure to show your support by friending her because she is an amazing talent!

Lauren Berrones

The makeup was complimentary by Lynn Tassinari Wegiel the Founder and CEO of LTW Custom Cosmetics. LTW specializes in giving their customers professional makeup advice enhancing their beauty. LTW features custom blended foundation, face powders, and lipsticks as well as ready to wear shades to fits your personality. Wearing LTW made me feel beautiful, the colors were vibrant, and I especially loved that it was light weight on my face almost like as if it was natural. I would definitely recommend LTW Custom Cosmetics and use this brand in the future.


LTW Custom Cosmetics

 I had such a great time at the shoot and am so excited to have had the opprotunity to work with such talented people. This week we will keep you posted on the date that the billboard will be up. Make sure to stop by and see it!

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