Dear Alzerina Gomes (From a lil ole intern)

     Before working at Alzerina Jewelry, I was a fan of machine made jewelry. The handmade jewelry that was presented to me was cheaply made and appeared bland. I felt as though machine made jewelry was more reliable and appeared to be more exquisite. Even though the position I held was for social media and blogging, I realized that hand-made jewelry is so personal. Alzerina created quality jewelry. After watching Alzerina and fellow employees intricately create beautiful pieces for all styles, I saw the love of jewelry within them. I saw the passion and excitement they had for what they created. Alzerina made sure that creativity was throughout the office, which is quite evident by looking at the Alzerina pieces. Hand-made jewelry may have it’s flaws at times, however, the jeweler will make sure to fix the error with love. I don’t mean to sound mushy, I promise. But one cannot ignore how much care some hand-made jewelers put into their creations. Machine-made jewelry has a reputation of creating sturdy jewelry. Nevertheless, it’s missing uniqueness, passion and ACTUAL human hands!

          Since January, I learned that Alzerina Jewelry is always transitioning with fashion while obtaining its class and versatility. For example; the big gemstones are the latest trend for jewelry. Alzerina made a few pieces with big gemstones as well as advertised the ones she previously made.

I connected with my fellow peers in a way that was beyond the workplace and I will surely miss it.

Before working at Alzerina Jewelry, I  placed my creative side (Writing) in the attic of my mind where algebra is also located. However, one cannot stay in an environment such Alzerina Jewelry and NOT have their creative juices flowing. Teamwork, patience, communication and humor ( at the right time of course)  are a necessities at Alzerina Jewelry.

I fell in love with Photoshop and I secretly named her Angelica. Angelica is a nice Photoshop name to me.

I digress.

I was taught how to use various applications and programs that would definitely help me after leaving Alzerina Jewelry. I am honing my craft of writing and pushing to better other skills.

I am grateful to have an opportunity at Alzerina Jewelry and I will definitely use the skills I learned to assist others and myself. I will make sure that I will keep in touch with the people that graced my path while I was there.


Dear Alzerina Gomes,

There is a selfless love that you have for the people you meet. You know your stuff too! 

You know what you want and you chase after your dreams with fear lagging behind.Your story is inspirational for those who choose to chase after “Impossible dreams”. I appreciate you more than you can fathom. I am glad you have shown compassion and patience towards me. You allowed me to be myself in my writing and pushed me a bit towards the right direction. You were honest with me when I needed advice and I appreciate it.

I pray that you continue to flourish and I KNOW that your jewelry company will continue to flourish into something that the world will adore looking at.






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