5 Pieces of Jewelry You MUST have in your Jewelry Case.

Jewelry, Jewelry, Jewelry.

One of the imperative things that will determine what you are trying to say to the world with your outfit. A simple dress can instantly be enhanced with large bangles and big hoops to be bold. Studs can easily tone down an outfit. There are so many different pieces of jewelry, one can get lost in the glitzy and eloquent madness!

However, there are a few pieces you MUST have in your jewelry case for all occasions.

From: www.OverStockJeweler.Com

1.            Gold/Silver/Diamond/pearl studs

Studs can be worn for any outfit. Whether you are meeting up with your friends for lunch or going on a dinner date, studs can be your best friend.  Don’t allow the diamond title scare you. Cubic zirconium counts in my book.  Your  people don’t have to know!

Taken From: The blog post, "Cocktail rings: Add this accessory to your holiday attire" on Examiner.com
Taken From:
The blog post, “Cocktail rings: Add this accessory to your holiday attire” on Examiner.com














2.      Cocktail Ring

A cocktail ring is known for causing the most attention.  Cocktail rings  are known for taking all the spotlight! I have found some awesome cocktail rings at summer flea markets in the village in NYC.

3.            Long Necklace

Long necklaces are very versatile. You can double them up for a more conservative look or you can jazz it up by adding numerous pendants to them.

The classic pearl Taken from alzerina.com
The classic pearl
Taken from

4.            Pearls.

It would be awesome if you can have a nice pearl set. However, not everyone has the funds for such a luxury. But, that’s okay. Pearl earrings or just a necklace could do the trick. Pearls are exceptionally classy and will never go out of style. Just as versatile as studs, pearls compliment any outfit.

Marie Bangles Taken From www.alzerina.com
Marie Bangles
Taken From

5.            Solid Bangle

A bangle is great eye candy! If you are more on the conservative a  single and slim bangle may suit you best. If your style is more bold and outgoing, try a thick bangle. Adding a couple of bangles to the lonely single one is just as cool.

         Well, there you have it folks.

If you don’t have any of these in your jewelry case- Go get them now!

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