Bodaciously Bold in 2014

It appears as though the latest trend in jewelry is to be bold. Especially wearing bold gemstones and big rings.
From Alex and Ani to Allurez, designers are putting the B in bold for this year! The big gold chains, gaudy gemstones draped on necks and full body chains for the more courageous fashionistas, are the rave this year!
Check out a few of the examples I have chosen below.
What do you think? If you’re a “Conservative Caroline”, would you dare to wear these bodacious pieces?
1. Pink Circle Bib Necklace
This awesome-priced necklace is no where near quiet. The circular gemstones that overtake the chain in the middle, look amazing.














2. Rhinestone Flower Spike Ring
This ring does have a moderate bling affect. I still believe this is a ring for casual occasions. Maybe even date night.











3. Cosmos Mexican Fire Agate Sterling Silver Necklace.
A mouthful I know. I digress.
This spicy piece is my favorite one out of this list. It is a bit pricey, nonetheless, it is worth it!












4.From: Noble Queen Dance party shoulder Crossover Body Belly Harness Body Chain
During Fashion Week , I noticed a splurge of body chains on the runway. It was not only added to bikini wear but for casual and couture outfits as well.












5. Emerald Green Chandelier Earrings
These earrings make a statement. Yes, chandelier earrings cause attention, yet the color of these earrings gives it the spotlight it needs.













Do you have any bold pieces that you are afraid to purchase?
Be brave and buy that cute big gold chain or that body chain!
Don’t be afraid to step out of your shell. You never know, you might find your unique style in the midst of your bold experimenting.

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