The Perfect Necklace For Your Face Shape

We all feel good when we wear something that enhances our natural beauty. A perfect red dress will definitely cause our strides to be a bit fiercer.  The same idea goes for the perfect necklace. We don’t want to purchase a beautiful necklace and it makes our faces look so elongated we look like camels!

Below you’ll find some helpful tips on what kind of necklace will fit your face shape.


Oval Shape:

Ladies with oval shaped faces could wear any necklace. It does not matter the length or if the necklace has multiple charms, almost all necklaces flatter oval shaped face woman.


Pear Shape:

It’s best to choose a necklace that softens the beautiful and strong jaw line.  Princess and matinee length necklaces are good choices. Collars and chokers are a complete no-no!

 Rectangular/Oblong Shape:

For the rectangular/oblong shaped faces, stay away from necklaces that add length to your face. Collar, chokers and bulky pieces would be best to wear.


Round Face:

Choose necklaces that lengthen your face but not the width.  Avoid collars, chokers and princess length necklaces.  Opera length and matinee length necklaces flatter the round shape faces the best. In addition, necklaces that make a “V” shape, due to large pendants in the middle, look very nice too.

Heart Shape

Princess and collar length necklaces look lovely on women who have heart shaped faces. Avoid purchasing a necklace that has an opera or a matinee length.


Well, there you have it. I hope you keep these tips in mind next time you go necklace shopping!

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