Alzerina Gomes and CCKA Elite Productions are together to present you the extraordinaire event of 2012 a Tribute to Cesaria Evora and Capeverdean Women of Courage.

The women from Voices of Capeverdean Divas are living throughout the world in different countries, but are coming together for this special red carpet tribute night to represent musical BEST voices of Cape Verde.

During the night affair, Alzerina will be showcasing her clothing line and jewelry created especially for the 2012 November RED CARPET.

Also during the night, there will be big surprises in store for everyone that comes out to enjoy the festivities at this tribute event.

This is going to be a great event! CCKA and Alzerina Gomes is very excited and we hope that YOU are too. If you are an Alzerina Jewelry fan, this red carpet tribute event is the place to be. The date is Sat. Nov. 10, 2012. Happy Hour begins promptly at  6:30 pm.

For ticket information please contact CCKA Members: Ana 401-787-4765 | Carmen 401-265-1213 | Calu Bana 401-359-4986 | Kalu Monteiro 401-365-2424

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