Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2012

Breast Cancer Month, is a non-profit cause that Alzerina Jewelry loves to be apart of every year. October is a time to unite women for one common goal, which is showing awareness of Breast Cancer for women throughout the globe. Alzerina Jewelry is determined to help with the fight against Breast Cancer. 

This October, Alzerina Jewelry will be selling some exclusive Alzi Collection pieces, while teaming up with the American Cancer Society to donate proceeds with every piece that is sold. Here at Alzerina Jewelry, we believe in the fight to empower and strengthen women by encouraging them to be more aware of the cancer disease and unite as one.
This exclusive Swarvoski fuchsia colored crystal sterling silver plated studded earring  called Daisy is priced at $10, and $2 will be up for donation. This pink earring can be paired with any look, whether at a lunch meeting or a dinner date with the girlfriends. You will stand out and make a stance against Breast Cancer. 
This popular bracelet with Alzerina Jewelry is made exclusively for Breast Cancer Month from the Alzi Collection called Maldives. You can play up any fashion look with this pink bead and gold plated bracelet. It being sold for $19 and and a $3 donation will be included. 
This beautiful Alzi collection piece, called Mocorran earrings are dainty and give an elegant look for a night time look. This light-rose colored Swarovski dangle drop piece will compliment any outfit. This exquisite piece is priced for $139, but for this month of October will be sold exclusively for $35 and a donation of $3 goes towards the American Cancer Society. 
Our best selling Alzi Collection piece, called Venetian earrings are our final jewelry special for Breast Cancer Month. This light-rose colored Swarovski is a classic inspired look. This tear drop piece makes its own timeless statement. The Venetian earring original cost is $139, but this special month, a purchase of $35 and a donation of $3 goes toward the American Cancer Society. 
These popular collection pieces have a limited quantity amount with only 30 pairs available in stock for purchase by AlzerinaJewelry.
Shipping will be included for these two earring pairs. At checkout enter in our promo code: 
For the purchase of Moroccan earrings enter Pink=BCA1
For the purchase of Venetian earring enter Pink=BCA
Just be sure to order your pink Alzerina Jewelry and join us in the fight against Breast Cancer. Visit our website: 
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