Easy Ways to Simplify Recipes

Recipes can be complicated and hard to follow.  Check out these recipe substitutes that are more simple yet equally as delicious.   1. Banana Pancakes Whisk 1 banana and two … Continue Reading →

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Best Summer Cocktails

Whether you’re having a party on your patio or having a girl’s night, these fun summer cocktails are sure to be a hit! 1. Blueberry Ginger Mojito For the Ginger … Continue Reading →


10 Ways to Use Oils to Combat Oily Skin This Summer

Using oils will make skin less oily, what?!  If your skin is super oily, it’s overproducing due to it’s lack of moisture and hydration!  Check out some of these oils to use … Continue Reading →


Beat the Heat: Healthy Summer Smoothie Recipes

To opt out of less-healthy options like milkshakes or ice cream, beat the heat and cool down while making delicious guilt-free choices!  Check out some of our favorite healthy summer … Continue Reading →


How to Prevent Tarnishing on Your Jewelry

Preventing your jewelry from tarnishing is much easier than removing the tarnish once it’s already there! Check out these easy and effective ways to prevent your beloved jewelry pieces from … Continue Reading →


Easy Summer Dinner Recipes

1. Shrimp and Nectarine Salad A colorful, fresh, cool salad that’s perfect for a hot summer day. Ingredients: Salad: 4 teaspoons canola oil, divided 1 cup fresh or frozen corn … Continue Reading →


10 Ways To Be A Little Healthier This Week

With the warmer weather quickly approaching, it’s easy to get swept up into the ever-so-refreshing world of frappuccinos and frozen margaritas.  Even if you’re not interested in full-on dieting, just … Continue Reading →


How to conquer oily summer skin

We know how it goes: our skin is red, scaly, and dried out due to the winter winds and below-freezing temperatures.  ”Why does my face feel like a reptile?!”, we … Continue Reading →


6 Foods That Will Boost Your Mood

Feeling down and moody today but also love eating food? These 6 foods that you ingest will automatically boost your self esteem up and they’re all delicious too!   Chocolate … Continue Reading →


Winter Skincare Methods

Winter may not be everybody’s favorite season due to all the dry and chapped skin everywhere. But with the help of daily skincare methods, you can prevent it all from … Continue Reading →